Warranty and Returns


ASD will accept returns under the following conditions.

  1. The item is not Special Order or a customised product, for example custom built servers, re-colored dropper poles and brackets, items specially imported. Those items carry a 100% restock fee. Please choose carefully and ask our team for assistance if unsure of your requirements.
  2. Returned goods are in as-new condition including original packaging.
  3. The item is returned before the due date on the accompanying invoice.
  4. The return is arranged with ASD in advance of bringing back your item and an SRO has been issued.
  5. The SRO number must be noted with the incoming goods.


ASD are pleased to offer a 5 year warranty on Wisenet Cameras and NVR, with the exception of PTZ cameras and accessories which retain their 3 year warranty.

Our range of Hanwha Techwin IP cameras and NVR recorders comes highly recommended for premium quality, high performance, cost efficiency and have proven to be extremely reliable for many years. We have every confidence in offering a 5 year warranty which will be an additional benefit on top of all the exceptional features from a World Top Tier Brand.

ASD will honor manufacturer’s warranty on all other items sold, except for items sold on our Clearance list whose warranty has lapsed.

Clearance Items

Clearance items will be replaced or credited if received faulty out-of-box. Option to replace will depend of availability of the product and is at ASD’s discretion.

Installer Friendly Terms

We understand warranty replacements have a cost on installers. To minimize impact and ensure customer up-time we put together the following returns process which must be followed.

  1. At the time a technician identifies a faulty product on site they must contact our tech support before leaving, to carry out a preliminary validation of the fault. This means our tech will ask questions and check method used to diagnose the issue and provide remote support if required to confirm that diagnosis. The onus remains with the installer to diagnose a fault correctly however ASD’s tech will validate your diagnosis to lessen the chance of a mis-diagnosed item and reduce likelihood of unnecessary returns.
  2. Once the preliminary fault is validated by ASD, installer must advise the serial number of the failed product and return that product to ASD.
  3. ASD will take care of the rest, issuing a SRO Sales Return Order and a replacement will be arranged right away. The replacement will carry the remainder of the warranty from the original unit.
  4. Send in (or drop off) the faulty part with the accompanying SRO number.
  5. Further testing of the faulty item will be done at ASD. Once the fault is confirmed, ASD will issue a credit for the replacement. Should the part be proven not faulty, ASD will issue an invoice for the replacement which must be paid, regardless of weather a purchase order was issued for the replacement item.

Warranty starts from date of ASD shipment to installer. To claim a warranty replacement part please submit a Return Request, you will need the serial number of the item that has failed.

Need help?

Contact us at sales@assetsecurity.co.nz for questions related to refunds and returns.