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Covid has changed the way we live and work. Contrary to what we originally thought back in 2020, the virus has become a long term problem in every corner of the globe. Organizations in New Zealand are now working through ways to manage requirements of the Covid Protection Framework (traffic light system). The CCTV industry has the tools to help protect their staff and businesses.

We know with Omicron there will be an escalated need to slow the spread of infection, in order to ensure supply chains are still operational and hospitals are not overwhelmed. Basic practices like mask wearing, social distancing and limited number gatherings will continue to be front line measures to contain Delta, Omicron and future mutations of the virus. At every level of the CPF there are rules restricting the number of people gathering – based on 1 person per square meter. Mandatory mask wearing is being adopted by many essential service workplaces – because of the impact of infection spread through their business. And the need for rapid contract tracing via CCTV has placed a high importance on speed and ease of use of surveillance systems.

Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet cameras offer various ways to deliver solutions; The P Series Ai cameras now have analytics specifically for mask detection, social distancing and occupancy – and these premium cameras can do all three simultaneously. Do you already have a P series Ai camera? A simple firmware upgrade from Hanwha is freely available and all you need to start using these tools. Otherwise it might be a good time to start conversations with your customers about upgrading key cameras to either P or X series, noting that even after covid there are more uses for everyday business functions – Health and Safety, Bi and of course Security applications. Apps are available to load on select X Series models that perform specific tasks, with some solutions being serverless, low cost and even free. And of course integration is done for Wave VMS, and Wisenet Ai NVRs.

For our Digifort customers, you can choose to utilize the Wisenet camera analytics (at the edge) or install directly on your Digifort head end, the analytic software for the same functionality and more.

Social Distance Monitoring Demo

Social Distance Monitoring is now achievable and highly accurate. A practical solution to monitor shared foot traffic spaces and assist in contact tracing.

Face Mask Detection Demo

Face Mask Detection using Ai-based analytics, when combined with alerts can be a proactive tool for managing compliance.

Occupancy Control Demo

Occupancy Monitoring offers businesses a low cost solution for controlling how many people are in a limited occupancy area.

So why aren’t we introducing body temperature detection as a covid control measure? While it’s available, and even in use in our own office access control system, there is no guarantee that a covid positive person has a temperature. And the setup of thermal cameras to achieve the FDAA 510k medical device accuracy – limits the application to indoor areas, not immediately by a building entry, of less than 5m and without draft influence. That said, including face recognition, temperature reads and mask wearing as user credentials to your existing building access control is easy and affordable with the BTM-213H. Contact us if you would like to know more.