Retail Solutions – Next Generation CCTV for Retail

Using Wisenet Wave as the backbone we showed how you could set up a small surveillance system and add on features to produce valuable business data, add marketing real estate to a store and save time with forensic searches powered by Ai. It’s all about adding value outside the traditional security aspect of CCTV and using latest technology to benefit a business with a more holistic approach.

First upsell is the Public View Monitor using Wisenet TNB-6030 monitor mounted camera. The TNB-6030 direct connects to the monitor and allows users to load marketing material via SD card. The result is a monitor for advertising until a face is detected, when the monitor switches to its proactive security, camera display mode and lets customers know they are entering a secured store.

Next we introduced a simple Ai upgrade to power up our forensic search, capture even better images and allow for more flexible and accurate people counting.

Finally, power up our system with addition of Retail Insights software to convert data captured on the surveillance system to actionable business data. Help managers track KPI’s, know your customers demographic store to store and understand where the hot spots are for your store layout and product placement.

Looking at possibilities in retail is a good demonstration of where we see CCTV heading – away from strictly surveillance and toward a multipurpose and critical business system.